02 Oct 2018

Lanes Detection for Self Driving Cars

Computer Vision Presentation for Self Driving Cars given at upcode academy

This is the presentation of the first course in computer vision for self driving cars by upcode academy.

To open the presentation please go to:

Option 1: execute remotely (easier option)


Option 2: execte locally (for the more experience ones)

  1. Install conda, see its documentation
  2. Clone this repo using git
  3. Create a new conda environment
$ conda env create -n lanedetection -f binder/environment.yml
  1. Execute the jupyter notebook
$ jupyter notebook
  1. Open the url shown in the console with your favourite browser

Option 3: checkout the notebook (with no option to execute the code)

Online notebook

Once opened you can see it in presentation mode (by clicking on the icon on the top right corner that looks like a present). Although no style file will be loaded and your presentation background will be plain white.

All the code can be found at my GitHub repository.

Thank You For Reading
Marco A. Gutierrez

Personal Website.

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